Today I did it, I breathed, in and out.

Dear Me,

That's right, you did it, you woke yourself up and you breathed. You even made yourself a pod of hazelnut coffee via that fabulous Keurig machine that sits on your messy, kitchen counter. Oh, that counter. The counter that is sticky with coffee drips from prior pod concoctions, likely from hubby. He's always making and leaving a mess.

Oh, keep on, girl.

At this point in the day, you are a rockstar because you've made it this far without losing your shit. That being said, I guess there are many of us who are rockstars because it is likely that I am not the only one that has made it to mid-morning without inadvertently flushing my brain down the toilet.

But still, I will feel like a rockstar. And not because life is bad or because I've been handed fermented apples or lemons, no, no, nothing like that; life is good. However, I rarely remember to praise myself because I feel as though I am only worthy of praise when I accomplish something that few others are able to do. Well, that's crap. I will practice appreciating the little things.

So, Me, you are awesome. Don't be shy, own it because what else have you done so far today?

Oh that's right, you've popped your SSRI and your vitamin, good, good, ignored two calls from Robo-caller, lost yourself in a couple of chapters of your most current favorite book, peed (flushed!), washed your aging patties, drank that hazelnut cup of necessity, and contemplated making breakfast. Good!

And then (no "and then!")...

You logged in and praised yourself.

Now, shut up and clean your house. It's a swampy mess.

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