Thunder Makes me Happy!

I have always loved rain and storms and thunder and lightning!

I wonder if this is so because I am bored and the excitement of storms enthuses me. Hm. Or.... Recent studies have eluded to those who struggle with constant sunlight to have sensory disorders... this is fascinating to me and once I have my MSN, I intend to study this theory further...

It could also be that I love how cozy I feel in my home while it's stormy outside! The ambiance of storm-lighting (at least during the day), perhaps? Especially in MI when the green is at full capacity.... I once heard that depressed people prefer the gloom of storms because it's a reflection of their own character. Hm. I am not sure how I feel about THAT, especially in relation to myself. Simply put, I feel alive and energetic when the weather is rainy. Somebody... do a study, please!

Dunno. It's likely something psychological. Even as a small child, I loved when storm clouds rolled in and the rain would fall. I still love it. Rain! 🤗 It makes me happy!

To feel "normal" and acceptable within societal parameters, I feel obligated to sympathize with the "common folk" (lol!! I just totally went there! 😱😂) when they complain of rain and "dreariness." However, as I speed toward elderliness, I feel less inclined to hide my true feelings. Rain is beautiful, people! Shut up and love that it's eco-friendly and watering your snobby lawns for free!

Ok, yes, Sun is necessary. In fact, especially when I am in places like Hawaii, I prefer Sun to Rain. During those times, I am at the beaches, man, and collecting rays of ultra-violetness. No Rain for me then. But in Michigan, please... rain. Bring me the scent of Lake Michigan from the sky!

So again. Shut up about the rain. We need rain to keep our lakes fresh and our grasses green. We are North, not fucking Arizona, for gawds sake!


How about PLUVIOPHILE. This 'phile is not yet noted in the dictionaries as a legitimate 'phile, however, the Collin's Dictionary is recommending that it become so.

Pluvious, on the other hand:

pluvious (ˈpluːvɪəs) or pluviose


of or relating to rain; rainy

[C15: from Late Latin pluviōsus full of rain, from pluvia rain, from pluere to rain]