SSL… and Prozac & Coffee

... to be successful (and by successful, I simply mean "having a legitimate online presence") I must study up on Secure Sockets Layer certificates (SSL).

I am not an expert, of course, at this point. However, I can assure my readers (if they ever come!) that their privacy matters and that information is SAFE while on my domain (

SSL is complex; in layman's terms, what an SSL certificate basically does is encrypt data that is being transferred between Prozac & Coffee and the viewer/visitor. Encryption ensures that if there are any 3rd party Lurkers (information-stealers!) present while browsing is occurring, YOUR INFORMATION REMAINS SAFE. The Lurker cannot collect your personal data.

In a perfect world, SSL works the way it's meant to, every time, ALL THE TIME. However, any person that has existed beyond their teens knows that the world is not perfect and that hacks happen. That being said, the level of security I offer currently is appropriate for browsing and sharing. In the event I market to sell items, goods, or services, I will use a third-party payer (i.e. Apple PayGoogle Pay, or PayPal) and/or further increase the integrity of my SSL certificate (FYI and BTW, SSL certificates cost real $$. E-commerce security costs even more. So remember to send love to those who provide you with secure browsing and sharing!)

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