“Shut up. If I can deal, you can deal.” Why so hostile?!?

“Shut up. If I can deal, you can deal,” is the tagline I have chosen for Prozac & Coffee. Awwww… but WHY SO HOSTILE? Please! ?

Ok but why?

For a lot of reasons, number one being, I am worn out and cranky and I am tired of listening to myself (and others) whine about shit.

Number two, and this is really the motivation behind the tagline because seriously, I personally have overcome many obstacles, especially lately and because I know me best means that if I can accomplish, YOU can accomplish.

Naw, I don’t mean that as some cheesy, cliche, motivational blah-blah.

I mean it because lemme tell you a little bit more about myself:

  • I’m a quitter. Oh yes. Growing up especially, I would have these grand dreams of accomplishments, like… running a certain distance, swimming a certain distance, or completing a school project, or sticking to a new hygiene procedure, or not eating so much, not drinking so much pop (aka, soda, Coke… whatever regionally floats your boat), or not being such a snot to my little sister, etc., etc. Then, after I became a mother, at the young age of 19 (because, again, I was a quitter and I certainly wasn’t going to stick to abstinence or birth control!) I couldn’t stick to getting up early, couldn’t stick to keeping my home cleaner, couldn’t stick to standing up appropriately for myself… I could go on and on. But, really, all I am trying to say, is that I am a quitter and it eventually got to a point, especially as my kids grew, that I wouldn’t even hope for change or betterment for myself, because I knew that I would likely start, only to quit again.
  • I’m a pessimist. Oh, this one, big time. I went through a period in my life, connected to being a quitter, of course, where I would ONLY see the negative in any given situation. My cup was always half empty! A perfect example would be hubby telling me he was getting a bonus from work, and I would say, “Pffftt.. so what, it’s gonna go to bills anyway.” And though, I am still a pessimist, I like to claim that my pessimism has evolved into being realism. Meaning, by default, I jump to the pessimistic side of things in my head, but I only speak that which could benefit any given situation. For example, hubby tells me he’s getting a bonus from work, I would then reply, “Well, ok. We have to apply that toward bills.” See the difference there? ??
  • I’m hopeless. This is a big one. I have lived without hope most of my adult life. Hope is dangerous and there is a fine line between hope and insanity. I predict that I became so hopeless at a young age, likely because my hopes somewhere along the way, had been tragically dashed. Therefore, I likely developed the attitude of, “It is better to never hope and to never be disappointed.” (One such incident I’m pretty sure, involved trying to turn into Wonder Woman after three spins).

In any case, I could keep going on and on about why my tag line might seem so hostile, but I won’t. I’ve covered the main contributors well enough. SO. All that being said, up there ? leads me to this:

I have managed to over come my BS. Yeah. I did. I grew up failing miserably, hoping for nothing and planning for the worst. And then… for whatever reason, my forever BFF talked me into joining Weight Watchers and I lost 100 lbs of weight and bad attitude. After I surprised myself by doing that, my forever BFF talked me into going back to school… and guess what? I did THAT and am now, 5 years later, almost finished with nursing school. Not to mention, all three of my children graduated from high school and have moved on to be responsible, contributing adults to this stupid society. Those amazing off spring of mine… I thought for sure I’d fuck them up more than I did. Go me!

My point, for crying out loud, is that I am nobody special. I am not a prodigy, not exceptionally smart (insightful, yes), I am not blessed with killer looks or a killer body, in fact, typical to weight loss stories, I have gained half of my weight back. BUT. I did not re-gain my fat-Ass, woe-is-me attitude! Go me again!

I still default to being a quitter, pessimist, and a hopeless, but also, I am a doer and finisher, I am a realist, and I am reasonable hoper.

But I’m not special. So. If you’re not special either and you’re pissed about it…. Shut up. If I can deal, you can deal.

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