Mid-Life Uncertainty (again!)

Ugh. So here I am again, doubting myself BECAUSE OF HOW OLD I AM. Society is terrible to self-esteem. Isn’t that the truth?

In any case, my youngest son advised me to NOT create “memes” because they can be “cringy” and offensive. Well. Cringy is what I would prefer to avoid, but offensive? I am not worried about THAT so much because there is always some idiot somewhere that cries “offensive” (fuck you, by the way [btw]).

So, with that being said, regardless of my loss of status (aka, an importance due to my age), I have memes to share. Maybe there is somebody somewhere that will enjoy them? 😂

"It doesn't matter how dynamic a life you have lived. When you become elderly, you become invisible." - Lt. Joe Kenda