Just… own your shit.

Yeah. So, own it.

Own it if you’re a bitch. Don’t write it off as, “l’m sorry, my period’s coming.” No. Humans (unless they’re sociopathic and if that’s the case, we’ll need to cover those details in another post), CHOOSE THEIR BEHAVIOR. Don’t talk shit prematurely. If you do, and regret it, OWN IT. Please, bitches, don’t blame bad behavior on “periods” or “hormones” or, FOR GAWDS SAKE, “the baby kept me up all night and I am tired…”

There is never an excuse for bad behavior. And, though I would not consider myself a hardcore feminist, the above excuses simply hand MEN yet another reason to write off our needs as transient and less legitimate.

Ahh. So you find that you can not control your bitchiness (lol… join the club!)?? So then ACKNOWLEDGE it. Just like that. Own it. Your bitchiness is out of control. There is no shame in admitting to a self perceived weakness (thanks, Society), and accepting help. Whether it be therapy, yoga, healthy eating and exercise, structured play dates, better sex, or, FOR GAWDS SAKE, Prozac and coffee that boosts you towards a more powerful you, then… you do you! I mean, literally, Prozac and coffee, not just my .org.

Oh “blah, blah.” Maybe you’re offended by what I’ve stated here. Sorry, not sorry. Prozac & Coffee, that’s the name of the site. So. Luv it or leave it, but for GAWDS SAKE, give me credit for owning that I start everyday (legitimately) with Prozac and coffee. Black. It’s my life line. Admitting my “weakness” only helps me accomplish getting closer to the person I want to identify with.

I’m owning my shit.

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