Life is what you make it. So. Make it.

Yeah. So let’s post this from a qwerty keyboard on an iPhone. Damn! For an oldie like me, this is phenomenal!

”Phenomenal.” Now that’s a funny word because years ago an old friend mocked her sister for using “phenomenal” in an everyday convo… But here I am. I am using the word with all seriousness! ?

And lemme tell you… the drunker I get, the better life is and TRUST ME, life is already good because I have learned to appreciate my mess and know that the mess of others is MUCH worse! A quote I heard one time (so sorry, I cannot quote to give credit because I do not remember where I read the original  impression): “Attend a bonfire with many other people. Throw all of your “problems” into the fire, looking closely at what everyone else throws in as well. As an “almost guarantee, you will eagerly burn your hands to grab your own problems back.”

Meaning:  Be glad you’re you. Shut the fuck up already… and love what you’ve got.

’nuff said.


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