I am just tired. And I love Desperate Housewives.

Nothing more to say tonight than, I’m just tired. I am so tired. Work was hard and long and ridiculously busy. I have wondered often how, just HOW, are there are so many sick people in one small town!?

I also wonder what motivates patients to feel that certain ailments are worthy of an expensive healthcare visit. I don’t understand. I don’t understand the forces that drive healthcare to become what it has, especially in the U.S. (actually, I do, money, of course, and insurance companies). Additionally, I feel as though I am required to ensure that each patient has the best visit possible, like, 5-star rating quality. I understand offering compassion and advocating for patients, but really? I am not there to supply you with an endless stash of warm towels and crackers. *sigh* I am just tired.

Ugh. It’s connected to the mental health disparity, I believe. The U.S. has so many citizens who are mentally ill and are not, and will not ever be able to, receive proper treatment. It’s ugly, folks. Mental illness isn’t always about extreme cases (schizophrenia, mania, etc.), either. Depression and anxiety are enough to cripple a person, especially if they are not familiar with how to advocate for themselves OR advocate for a BETTER self.

Ugh. It’s nights like these where I am tapped out and completely empty that I turn to mindless tv, like Desperate Housewives. I have no idea why, but I can binge watch that series anytime, anywhere!

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