Duuuuumb BLEEP: Oops. My Green.

I do this thing. 

I save jugs (especially white vinegar jugs)... rinse and clean them, and reuse to store plant water.  I do this other thing... I use a lot of white vinegar for cleaning.  I store both the plant water jugs and vinegar under the kitchen sink...

Then I caught a cold and completely lost my sense of smell.  The cold is long gone, but my sense of smell is only coming and going.  

Then... I see it's time to water my plants.  Having been busy with work, holidays, family and school prep... my brain must have done a reformat, and certain data was WIPED.  Like... which jug held vinegar and which jug held plant water?

Needless to say... I just watered my house plants with white vinegar.  *sigh*  The smell broke through only after it was too late.  I've added water to them as well now, hoping diluting will help with any damages. 

But then, I Googled it. 

Turns out organic farmers use white vinegar as an herbicide.  Hm.  I hope my houseplants aren't what an organic farmer would consider weeds... 

Time will tell.  They're only plants.  They're only alive, breathing, reproducing, and fighting for survival, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!

So you see, life (as a human) is good. Whenever tragedy strikes, I remind myself that I could have worse problems. You know... like, I could have recently been poisoned, mm hm, just like my poor plants. 😱🙄

Duuuuumb Bitch.