I am hooked on every form of that word!

Coalesce. Coalescence. Coalescing.

And definitions. I am hooked on dictionary definitions; I love how they look on paper, en bloggie, online, etc. Like this:



(used without object),co·a·lesced, co·a·lesc·ing.

  1. to grow together or into one body: The two lakes coalesced into one.
  2. to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.: The various groups coalesced into a crowd.
  3. to blend or come together: Their ideas coalesced into one theory.

Sure, this is all odd and strange and completely moot to the ebb and flow of life, I mean, seriously? What do the love of a word and the appearance of its definition have to do with MAKIN' IT through each day successfully??

No clue, except that I like words, I guess you could say that I am hooked on those, too. I love putting words together and magically seeing the jumble of thoughts merge, in point, on screen or paper, right in front of my tired face. Lovely. Really. And soothing, like venting, burning off pressure-steam, vomiting, defecating, voiding, resetting... and refreshing. Like viewing what is as WHAT IT REALLY IS.

Ok, so be that what it may, my state of "hooked on words, definitions, putting words together... " etc., etc., likely defines the presence of bloggie and the box full of journals that were born when I was eight years old... the very day I turned eight and the very day before I had a tonsillectomy. Funny enough, while composing my first journal entry EVER, I remember struggling with how to spell TONSILS. And damn if I didn't nail it... but I didn't know that I had nailed it until years later when I found that little green diary with the fake gold latch-lock guarding the chicken scratch of the eight-year-old-me, buried in a box of old Barbie stuff. How well I remember that birthday party, outside the single-wide domicile that I shared with my mother, at the picnic table full of presents and CAKE. There was family there, aunts, cousins, uncles, grandparents, and my brother. This company was rare (someday I'll tell you why). Not good nor bad memories, just vivid. *shrugs* And hot. It's always ridiculously hot on my birthday.

Coalesce, because I must get on with it, is a good word. It makes me think of a grown-up, literally, in the word world. Like, when Coalesce was a young word, it was called Mix or Join, but with active effort and dignification, Mix/Join evolved into Coalesce and now humans get to write seemingly meaningless blog posts in its honor. Yes. So instead of asking, "Would you like to join me," I could ask instead, "Shall we coalesce?"

So instead of asking, "Would you like to join me," I could ask instead: "Shall we coalesce?"

Right? How classy is THAT? 😎

Seriously, though, it's about the meaning of the word. Coalesce, especially during these modern times of division and separateness, is a classy reminder that at the end of the day, we all came from our mommas.

Omygawds, and here I go...

I am so completely annoyed with how Homosapiens must CONSTANTLY stand divided and dramatically so, at that. C'mon! So here we are, the absolute most intelligent species EVER... with our huge brains and frontal cortexes that fuel our cognition, emotional capacities, linguistics, reasoning, memory, and our oh-so-sound judgment capabilities! All of which, by the way, designates our species as superior to those of other primates, or so WE THINK (with our frontal cortexes 😂)...

So what do we do with our big brains? These phenomenally advanced Homosapien brains? What do we do with them? *rolls eyes* We start stupid shit. All the time and sadly, even I am not immune to stupid shit-staring.

Mm-hm. Yes. For example, how about the division of Cat & Dog people?

Oh for crying out loud... Cat & Dog people will argue their cause just like a Democrat and Republican will. According to each, one is superior over the other, one is smarter than the other, one is of higher value than the other... blah, blah, blah. Opposing views must be heard, they say, and listeners must commit to a side, the best side, and join in the movement! Ugh. Shut up.

Nonetheless, all the petty mayhem causes conflict and Homospaien division.

*rolls eyes*

Cat & Dog people...

Sidenote: please note that I listed cat first, NOT because I am expressing bias, but because C comes before D in the English alphabet. I could also use Canine & Feline to REALLY prove that I have no bias, but I do have a bias; I want to write about Cats & Dogs, not compose a peer-reviewed science journal about Canines & Felines. OK?


Therefore, all the big brains that mayhaps read this post will (likely) understand, and accept, alphabetization as the default and unbias modeling that contributes to Prozac & Coffee.

(Moving on)

To prove their causes, Cat & Dog people might make some of the following points:

  • "Cats rule, Dogs drewl"
  • "Cats are dumb, Dogs are smart"
  • "Cats have staff, Dogs have masters"
  • "Cats are independent, Dogs are happy to be dependent.

... and so on.

But really? Why must there be Cat & Dog people as a title for judgment? Why for can it NOT be about Cat & Dog people fulfilling the specific needs of specific species, ALL OF WHICH contribute to LIFE ON EARTH? Yeah.


Cats & Dogs are two parts of a greater whole, just like Men & Women.


There is not one that is better than the other, but rather, both fulfill each where the other is weak.

Ok, this one? I've pegged the differences between Cat & Dog people, and I see them as just that: Differences, not weaknesses. Cat people appreciate the lack of dependence and Dog people appreciate the lack of independence. That's all. Simple as that.

So shut up about it, Big-Brained Homosapiens...

In essence, to coalesce (in the dictionary of My Opinions) is to divide as necessary, but not to categorize it as better or worse, more or less, smarter or dumber. Different parts of a whole, folks, gather together to obtain similar goals and succeed.

Literally, DIFFERENCES are added flavor to Homosapien's will of freedom. Right? And it's ok to have different views, but our stupid big brains always seem to forget the synonymous end goal of survival, capitalized spendable income, foreheads to kiss, and furry friends to pet.

Remember, Cat & Dog people... WE ALL COME FROM OUR MOMMAS.

Mm-hm. *snap snap*

Postscript: Guess what? Coalesce has been born unto P & C as a new regular. Welcome, Coalesce, a word that represents the direction of my soul, welcome.

When shall we coalesce again?  😂😂