Auntie Piper & the Tortilla

Auntie Piper is one of the kewlest souls I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She’s honestly too good for this world and I seriously feel as though human beings, even in their rawest and most generic forms, do not deserve those such as Auntie Piper.

Auntie Piper is my dog, of course. Yes, the one that I constantly watch poop, because that’s what good dog owners do. Naw, naw, good dog owners aren’t watching their dogs poop as a signal of solidarity or obsession, naw, I watch Auntie Piper poop because she’s a dog and obsessed with chewing on such things as her blankie, or her canvas fire hydrant, or her canvas lizard, or …. something that she figures we no longer need, like, a dryer sheet or something.

Anyway, we approximate Auntie Piper to have been born in late April of 2017. She was found with several litter mates and other puppies in a tote on the shoulder of a country road on a hot day in late June of that same year. We rescued her, of course, and even now, as she licks my decorative throw pillow, I can’t help but wonder if, in fact,  she rescued us. Isn’t that a cute and original thing to say?

So she’s a good dog. She stays in her yard, for the most part, and comes when we call. She loves the neighbor across the street, and we refer to him as her boyfriend. She’s now trained to not run and greet him without permission. Sometimes she forgets, though, and I have to call her back, have her sit, and then give her permission to go.

I’m a cat person. I’m an introvert and I prefer to be left alone. Dogs don’t do that; dogs don’t  leave you alone, and if they do, they leave you alone only to watch you. Dogs like to please people and seek approval. It doesn’t make me feel good or cool when she listens to me, it makes me feel guilty. I feel bad that she thinks I know what is best for her. Yes, of course, on many levels, I do know what’s best, like not chewing and eating blankie, for example, however, she knows so much more about LIVING and loyalty than I do! She was born with nothing but goodness in her little doggie heart.

Anyway, Auntie Piper is Auntie Piper because of how gentle and kind she is to Googs, whom I have yet to write about… but I will get to all of that in another post.

But tonight, she pulled a dog-move. It wasn’t a big deal, but silly and so typical of Auntie Piper.

She never gets into the trash, or drinks out of the toilet. She won’t lick a dirty plate that is put down in front of her unless we say it’s ok. Also, she hardly eats her food, but she loves our food… and cat puke (oh that’s so handy!). But the point of this post… tonight she got into the trash. Yes. It was taco night tonight and a charred tortilla ended up in the trash, of which has a flip- lid, btw. Auntie Piper got into the trash and pulled out that charred  tortilla, but being Auntie Piper, however, before eating the tortilla, she snuck up silently next to my bed and watched me for a moment. When I turned away from the ridiculous homework I was doing, I see this:

She stood and stood like that, sliding her eyes back and forth between hubby and myself. How desperately she wanted to dog-gobble that unfortunate tortilla… but oh how guilty she felt snagging it from Trash Can!

She only ate the tortilla after I asked her to give it and I gave it back to her, telling her it was alright. Omygawsh… what kind of dog-mom am I… condoning eating out of the trash and all….

Oh Auntie Piper. You complete me. ?❤


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