Almost gone.


Those days of sleepy morning, fighting-to-stay-awake-during-testing are almost over.

Literally, I feel as though I could sleep anywhere. I have lived my entire life this way. On a daily basis, as I settle into an area that is not my home, I develop the subconscious awareness of where I would snooze, if told to do so, on demand.

Like right now, for example. Here in this testing room. I would simply put my head down on the table and sleep like a baby.

Gawds, morning thinking sucks.

I have to read and reread the test questions. Sometimes by the third read, I've grasped the root and am able to move forward in decipherization.

Yeah, I totally just made up that word, decipherization. It's not a real word, I even checked Google. But it's a real process, in my brain... my oh-so-sleepy bwaaiiiinnn.

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