"At this point, there is not an approach. Instead, there is only the desire for a presence."

Visions and philosophies will forever evolve. Therefore, so too will my heart and soul.

The back-story of Prozac & Coffee

The beginning involves forfeiting the deed to entitlement and visibility (in layman's terms... getting old.)

And every day begins with Prozac and hazelnut-roasted black coffee. No shame.

I am sure that there are plenty of valid reasons as to why my first emotion to stress is generally anger. However, I am not about to delve into the whys and hows of that because I have already conquered those devils, most of which originate from my upbringing. At this point, it's moot. Blaming my behavior on my upbringing is not acceptable. As an adult, I must face (done), own (done), and deal (doing) with the person I am. It's my responsibility to change my behavior, especially if I do not like it.

And all this work with a little help from my friend, Prozac.

Follow my mid-life crisis...