I’m just gonna put myself out there and TYPE IT OUT.


Rest assured...

There will be tons of FANTASTIC and tons of STUPID...

It is my hope that others will recognize the truth within the paragraphs of P & C and appreciate the simplicity of expression, as well. I hope that the thoughts and ideas that I share will be received as those from a fellow human being, not a regulation or the law of absolutes from a grand somebody.

It is my greatest hope that P & C is received as a collection of earned view-points that have been acquired through trials, tributes, heartaches, and joys that are inexpressable beyond any sort of spoken word.

However, I must be ready for what I don't want, as well.

I do not want to lead P & C into an association that is false, corrupt, damaging, or ignorant.

I love the concept of realism. Realism relates to situations that are true to life and, therefore, realistically (I must realize), not all people will take my silly words in the ridiculous context of which they're meant.

Personal perception is IN FACT, personal reality.

Meanings within the paragraphs of P & C may not be well defined and readers might become pissed. For all of that (which may occur!), I apologize over and over again.

Prozac & Coffee is currently UNPUBLISHED

This site is in development, but if you are here, please leave feedback, as I would greatly appreciate it!

And just a little bit more:

I DO NOT favor cruelty, degrading fetishes, bullying, or abuse (especially of innocence and animals). Prozac & Coffee might offend you if it hasn't already because I generally speak my truth with a ton of "fucks." It's a heavy word that drives it home. It's my favorite point-maker. Woo-Hoo! It's FREEING not having to abide by the rules of formal writing and APA!