Aww shucks. No Shame.


I had wrote some (self-proclaimed) great pieces for this space of mine on the great www…

However. I’ve lost those pieces of magnificence for the time being. I’m still researching how to pull from a “supposed backup” SQL database… to re-establish the greatness. I JUST KNOW that the original Prozac and Coffee is NOT lost forever. I just KNOW IT! 😆🤓

Aww Shucks.

No biggie, I say, if it is lost… because that is how I have chosen to live my life. The small stuff… (like self-proclaimed greatness… or lack there of 🤪) I choose NOT to sweat over. The name of this domain? PROZAC and Coffee. Prozac. That’s why I can decide to NOT sweat the little things… WHY I “need” Prozac, dunno, WHY it works? I don’t care. No. Shame.

I’ve also chosen NO SHAME. No Shame in accepting help. That’s right… Gimme that SSRI called Prozac. I can be me without wasting time flipping out about stupid shit or throwing (and breaking) my phone 4x’s a month. Transparency is crucial. Know and USE one’s (YOUR) strengths and OWN one’s (YOUR) weaknesses. Yeah. Just shut up and do it.

For real, peoples. We all human here, and we all flawed AF. Stop acting like residence ABOVE humanity is legit. It’s not. We all suck sometimes and we all should be OK with owning that BS.

And “offended.” Stop. STOP the BUTT-HURT. Just. Stop. Me? I’m offended if you insult me or my loved ones directly. You don’t like how I decorate my home? Kewl. You don’t like how I wear my hair? Fine, kewl! You don’t like that I have TOO MANY CATS in my home, FINE, I totally get it!

BUT. Not to “like” me because I love the colors purple and pink, or that I love Pagan history, or that I believe that male and female are equal parts of a greater whole?

Aww Shucks.

That’s too bad. THAT SUCKS. We all have SO MUCH to learn from one another, judgements aside. Open up, ya’ll.

SHUT UP AND DEAL. Even though it’s likely that my rants fall on emptiness.

Whatevs. 😘

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